How to be yourself in an application in 5 easy steps

If you’re reading this post with the intention of learning what the title suggests, I regret to inform you that you’ve come to the wrong place. Here’s why. Small companies, especially the newer ones, are becoming more selective as candidates are gaining more and more experience in today’s day and age. They want you to … More How to be yourself in an application in 5 easy steps

Startup Weekend uOttawa

What happens when business students, design students, technical and non-technical students get together? You get a weekend of immense productivity, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Welcome to the first Startup Weekend uOttawa, an event where ideas form into a business reality. The weekend started off on Friday, February 27th with pitches from students that wanted their idea … More Startup Weekend uOttawa

Beijinging around China

Beijing, China On October 15th, 15 students from the Telfer School of Management embarked on a journey to China that changed the very fabric of humanity’s existence. Ok, maybe not to the extent, but it was still an experience of a lifetime. Enactus uOttawa is a non-profit organization that helps increase the quality of life … More Beijinging around China

EcoEquitable: Recycling Fabrics, Changing Lives.

ECOEQUITABLE LAUNCHES BOUTIQUE WHILE REDUCING TEXTILE WASTE A new stylish boutique is in town, and it is using textile recycling for its stunning women’s accessories. EcoEquitable, a local charity that provides employment and skill development training for underemployed women, has launched their boutique on 404 McArthur Avenue on February 20th. In partnership with Enactus uOttawa, … More EcoEquitable: Recycling Fabrics, Changing Lives.

My Dream Job

Recently, I have been hearing this question a lot at interviews : ” What is your dream job?” I suppose this is the next level of the the typical question that we were asked what seems many years back : ” So what program are you going into?” I was recently in a position where … More My Dream Job