EcoEquitable: Recycling Fabrics, Changing Lives.


A new stylish boutique is in town, and it is using textile recycling for its stunning women’s accessories. EcoEquitable, a local charity that provides employment and skill development training for underemployed women, has launched their boutique on 404 McArthur Avenue on February 20th.

In partnership with Enactus uOttawa, a club that uses entrepreneurship to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world, EcoEquitable opened their boutique that provides employment through recycled textiles for underemployed women. This Canadian charity develops training in small-scale textile recycling to reduce textile pollution from our landfills. Founded in 2002, the local charity assists these women in transitioning to sustainable fiscal independence while reducing harmful waste in our communities.

It was a joyous and symbolic occasion when the ribbon was cut by Mayor Jim Watson, as well as the founder Lucille Beland, to officially begin the journey of the EcoEquitable boutique. The boutique itself holds a delightful atmosphere, and was filled with visitors admiring the décor, fabrics, chic handbags, and more.


The launch was a huge success with many community members, supporters, and volunteers in attendance to celebrate the team’s hard work with live music and great food. Some graduates of the EcoEquitable sewing program and current volunteers shared their incredible success stories. One woman in particular shared her difficult experiences and hardships in Africa where she took in 6 orphaned children after the majority of her community passed away, before immigrating to Canada and turning her life around with the assistance of EcoEquitable.

“I stay here for the great people and incredible atmosphere,” she said with a smile that warmed our hearts.

The celebrations concluded with a breathtaking performance by local singing sensation, Naima Bode, who sang a personalized song about EcoEquitable.

The boutique is now up and running, and ready for visitors! It also provides repairs, alterations, classes, and fabrics so be sure to stop by and support this incredible cause.  EcoEquitable: Recycling fabrics, Changing Lives.


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