My Dream Job

Recently, I have been hearing this question a lot at interviews :

” What is your dream job?”

I suppose this is the next level of the the typical question that we were asked what seems many years back : ” So what program are you going into?”

I was recently in a position where I had to answer this question in a two minute presentation.

After sitting in front of the computer with my thoughts and a keyboard, I had come up with this :

My Dream Job

When my father emigrated from Russia with a 5 year degree in oil engineering, he was quite set on this path. However as times changed, and as he moved from country to country, he was forced to relearn an entirely new set of skills in programming in Canada.

My dream job does not consist of a title, but more of a set of checklist items. It is where I would  be able to say “ Yes, this is what I do, AND I get paid for it.” It is where I’d be able to use my leadership, interpersonal, and critical skills skill in a great environment for a good cause. It is where I would get to help people, and be able to apply my business and marketing knowledge in doing so.

That said, life throws you many opportunities and challenges, as seen in my father’s example, and you should be open minded about each. Setting goals is fantastic, but I don’t believe in reaching your “end goal”. In my opinion, self-improvement is necessary and “just settling” should not be good enough.

My father never worked a day in his life with his oil engineering degree, but he understood that if he was to support my family, he’d have to be open to change and new ideas. This is what I have learned from him – to be open to new suggestions.

As my 55 (Don’t quote me on the age)  year old Grade 10 English teacher once said : “I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.”

And although I have narrowed it down, I believe that my possibilities are endless.


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