The Summer Bucket List: 101 Things to do this Summer

Aerial Adventure: This seemed a lot more exciting than it may look.

With summer on its way, I felt that it was appropriate to create a bucket list. This bucket list is fairly general, and I’ve already managed to accomplish a few items on the list. (This way, I may cross out a few things as I go – it’s motivating.) Some of these items are more realistic than others, but it is still nice to have them on the list. Writing this almost inspired me to create a Life Bucket List, rather than a summer bucket list. I say “almost” simple because I feel that there are too many places to visit, people to see, and things to do out there to be able to write them down neatly in a list. Thus, I shall keep it to a simple Summer Bucket List for now, and I hope I get more ideas as summer goes by.

I think this list is more of a “go to” type of list if I ever find myself sitting at home with nothing to do. I may as well make summer memorable, because, well… why not?

The Summer Bucket List: 

101 Things to do this Summer

1. Create a Bucket list
I guess I can check this one off.
2. Karaoke night (ie at a bar)
3. Have a picnic
4. Bike a long distance
Whether it be biking a certain distance to work out, or creating an adventure to bike downtown and back, it would be a fun and rewarding accomplishment.
5. Travel to Europe
Paris is a must. (check). Next, Italia!  
6. Nacho night
7. Movie marathon
8. Go to the lake
9. Go camping
10. Walk through a drive through
..Well it has to be done eventually!
11. Go to a waterpark
12. Go to the zoo
Lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my!
13. Laser tag
This most definitely involves suiting up.
14. Bowling
15. Go to an outdoor movie
Do they still have those?
16. Skydive
17. Go to a concert
18. Play Frisbee
19. Play an instrument
This may include picking up an old instrument, or trying to learn a new one. In my case, I’m hoping to continue to play the trumpet and even continue to learn guitar.
20. Roast marshmallows
21. Themed party
It’s always more fun with a theme.
22. Paint
I used to paint a fair bit! I loved it, especially when you can take the easel outside in the backyard. This is definitely a must-do for me.
23. Dance in the rain
24. Rock climbing
25. Go to the spa
26. Learn how to surf
27. Take a bubble bath
28. Go fishing
29. Ride a roller-coaster
I guess after being forced onto my first rollercoaster a couple years ago, I would like to try it again. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.
30. White-water rafting
Groupons for this are always popping up around summer.
31. Create a viral YouTube video
32. Flash mob
33. Ride a horse
34. Water balloon fight
35. Say “YES” for a whole day
36. Spend a day on a boat
37. Watch the sunrise/sunset
38. Go on a roof
39. Go dancing
40. Go to McDonald’s at 3 am
41. Have a bonfire
42. Paintball
43. Spontaneous Road trip
44. Go to a comedy club
45. Go to a World Cup game
I wish, Brazil. 
46. Scuba diving
47. Get an article published
48. Learn to Meditate
49. Read a book
50. Build something
Anything! Whether you build it out of wood, or lego, it still counts. I’d probably go for the latter though.
51. Start a collection
I guess I have this checked off. I have a collection of shot glasses from all over the world. The idea is that every time I travel somewhere new, I buy a shot glass from there. My friends have also started to catch on to this which is why I have some pretty exciting glasses from all over the world!
52. Start a blog
I guess I have this checked off too. I think.
53. Get kicked out of a bar
Well this would be a memorable story.
54. Pull an all-nighter
55. Make a pizza or cake from scratch
It’s more fun and delicious this way.
56. Go on a cruise
57. Make summer cocktails
Who said cocktails are only a girl drink? I feel sad for anyone who cannot enjoy the sweet taste of yumminess in a glass. With a cherry.
58. The classic BBQ-Patio-Beer combo
59. Zip lining.
If you have already managed to accomplish such a feat, your next challenge is to do so over waterfalls.
60. Do an Aerial Adventure
These are actually so much fun and they’re quite the work out.
61. Go downtown and take a “tourist” day
I’m talking about going to restaurants you’ve never tried and taking photos kind of day.
62. Carve your name into wet cement
Well this is simply a must. If you have no wet cement near you, I suggest that the main goal of #43 (Spontaneous Roadtrip) would be to find this wet cement.
63. Ride a motorcycle
64. Make an album or a scrapbook
65. Pack your bag well for the day and walk
Anywhere. Go for a hike for the day. Just.. go!
66. Count how many high-fives you can get in an hour from strangers
67. Go to value village with $10 and wear the outfit you buy for a day
68. Suit up for a casual event
69. Try something new and exotic
70. Go to the farmers market
71. Get a hammock. Sleep in it
72. Write a letter to someone and send it
E-mails are great and all, but receiving a letter is ten times as exciting.
73. Watch your favourite Disney movies
The hard part is to choose which one. Or, I guess in my case, I’d have to go through them all.
74. Volunteer somewhere
75. Make up a recipe
76. Attempt the Century Club
100 beer shots in 100 minutes. GO!
77. Hustle someone at Pool
Most effective with a Cuban cigar and a dim-lit bar.
78. Go to the casino
79. Play on a sports team
80. Organize a sports game with your friends
81. Play board games (Settlers of Catan)
82. Go to a store and buy a board game you’ve never heard of before
83. Buy an expensive bottle of wine
84. Go to the beach
85. Go rollerblading in the early mornings
Rollerblading to the sunrise really does start the day off nicely.
86. Make orange juice
87. Say “ Challenge Accepted” to any challenges you face that day
Similair to #35, yet slightly more epic.
88. Get a piercing

89. Go to a local band gig 

90. Don’t use electronics for a day 

91. Do the CN Tower EdgeWalk
92. Don’t complain for a week
If you’re about to say : “ I never complain” , then I am happy for you. I suggest you try this anyway and then you might realize you actually-sort of –maybe-kind of do.
93. Go Bungee Jumping
94. Explore a nearby town
95. Have coffee and read the newspaper early morning in the backyard
96. Climb a mountain
97. Go vegetarian for a week
98. Scooter through a mall
99. Run 8k
Or however long the distance is that you set for yourself. I think 8 is a decent number. Perhaps?
100. Learn a new language
101. Do as many things as you can from a bucket list in one summer.

And there you have it! 101 things to do this summer, and these are just the basics!

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