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So recently, I looked outside and noticed that the snow was beginning to melt, and I could swear I heard the birds chirping. Within seconds I was ready to take out my roller blades and get back into this habit in celebration of the return of spring – as much as I love winter, it’s nice to get spring back too. Unfortunately, due to the typical student life, I was swamped with assignments, midterms and what not that day. I put my blades aside hoping that the next day will be just as good.

It wasn’t.

So now, all of us here are looking outside our windows and seeing the gusts of wind and snow, almost as if a blizzard is coming – or Christmas is here. One of the two.

So while I was ready to get my shorts on, Mother Nature decided to say PSYCHE, and feasted my town with more snow than in the past few weeks of winter put together.

Guess the ground hog was right.

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